Things You Ought to Know About AD&D Insurance

AD&D insurance pays a specific amount to you as well as your beneficiaries in case you die due to an accident. However, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance have some coverage limitations that make it a bit less effective to many. Presently, accident is one of the major causes of disability and death. According to a survey, around 25% of traffic accidents recorded in the United States alone includes youth below 25. Therefore, having AD&D insurance policy can always fall handy.

ad & d insurance coverageWhat Does The Insurance Cover?

As the name itself states, AD & D insurance covers accidental deaths and dismemberment. In case of a deadly accident that causes you to lose your eyesight, speech or limbs, AD&D pays you a certain amount. However, in case of death, your beneficiaries will receive the amount. The insurance policy comes with a set of terms and conditions that you need to follow.

You will not be eligible for the insurance benefits if your death or injuries do not occur within a specific period after the accident date. Moreover, you can only avail the benefits if you thoroughly prove that your injuries are a result of an accident. In case, you happen to lose one of your body parts (foot, hand, limb, eye, sight, hearing or speech), your insurance provider will pay you half of your total benefits. You get the whole benefits, if you lose two body parts. For complete or partial paralysis, the coverage varies. In some cases, optional coverage includes children and spouse coverage or your hospital stay after your accident.

Is There Anything That AD&D Does Not Cover?

AD&D does not cover a death resulted due to a physical or a mental illness, drug overdose, hernia or bacterial infection. Moreover, some of the insurance policies also do not cover deaths caused while performing risky activities like car racing or skydiving. Therefore, before applying for AD&D insurance, it is important that you first find out about what it covers.

The Right Place to Buy AD&D Insurance:

Almost all major insurance companies these days offer AD&D insurance. You can also purchase it through credit unions or credit card offers. Numerous insurance providers offer accidental death and dismemberment along with their group-insurance plans. However, it is important that you make sufficient amount of research while looking out for a good insurance company, as some companies do claim to offer you policies with amazing benefits, but once you buy the policy you realize that you have committed a blunder. No matter how long it takes, make sure that the insurance company you intend to buy the policy from is authentic.

How Much Will AD&D Insurance Policy Cost?

The cost of an insurance policy depends on the number of benefits it provides. For accidental death and dismemberment coverage with some good benefits, you will have to pay a premium of around 60 dollars each year. In case you go for a low cost insurance coverage, you may not be able to enjoy all the major benefits. It will be wise to go for an AD&D insurance policy rather than paying high premium on standard life insurance coverage.

Can AD&D Insurance Coverage Actually Help?

In times when most of the deaths occur due to fatal road accidents, buying an AD&D insurance policy is surely the right choice to make. Those who are at a high risk of meeting with an accident due to their occupation need to pay higher premiums. In case you already own life insurance coverage, AD&D insurance can turn out to be an added bonus, as the combination of these two policies can cover more circumstances.


Although accidental death and dismemberment insurance may have a couple of exclusions and restrictions, it can still benefit you greatly, but only if you know which type of coverage to choose. Just going for a cheap coverage with less number of benefits will not really help. Before you buy a policy, get in touch with someone who already owns an AD&D insurance coverage, as he/she will be able to guide you through the entire procedure of applying for the policy. AD&D insurance can surely offer you the necessary peace of mind. It is now possible to lead a trouble-free life. Thanks to Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance.